What is Campaign for Consciousness?

Positive Affirmation for Global Transformation

CFC is a global virtual community using conscious intention and unified affirmation as the power and foundation for spiritual social action and progress.

“The world is spiritual democracy, you vote with your life.” ~Dalai Lama


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Campaign Affirmation:

We believe we are intrinsically connected and inherently worthy.  We honor our collective responsibility to act, create and govern in a way that alleviates suffering, supports collective over personal gain and maximizing human potential.

We release conditions and environments that deny, limit or obstruct access to resources and allow inequality and injustice to arise. We inspire and implement compassionate systems that reflect intelligence, honor human dignity, and restore justice.

Boldly, we implement and innovate systems that enhance social connections, support wellbeing and benefit society.  We cultivate an environment of unity and peace that reflects genius.

Vision: To actualize a socially just and compassionate society where rights, resources and opportunities are equally available to all.

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