What is Campaign for Consciousness?

Positive Affirmation for Global Transformation

CFC is a global virtual community using conscious intention and unified affirmation as the power and foundation for spiritual social action and progress.

“The world is spiritual democracy, you vote with your life.” ~Dalai Lama


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Campaign Affirmation:

We believe in a kind and just global society and our power to be the presence of peace in the midst of chaos. As citizens of the planet, it is our sacred honor and obligation to create a moral and ethical base that honors the unity of humankind and all life on Earth.

We stand together as Global Citizens dismantling concepts and constructs of enemies, seemingly real or imagined. We respond to violence, division and destruction with radical love, healing power and mindful action. We value people over profit, decency over dogma, wisdom over waste, vision over violence, consciousness over convenience and peace over power.

We birth new light in our Nations and our world. We invite Wisdom to lead us to wholeness, health, fulfillment and greater awareness. We raise the arc of the moral universe remembering that we are one. We belong to each other.

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