What is Campaign for Consciousness?

Positive Affirmation for Global Transformation

CFC is a global virtual community using conscious intention and unified affirmation as the power and foundation for spiritual social action and progress.

“The world is spiritual democracy, you vote with your life.” ~Dalai Lama


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Campaign Affirmation:

We believe in honoring our elders.  Heart to heart and hand in hand, we harness our power to make a difference in their world.  Consciously, we restructure life to benefit our vitality at all ages and stages. 

Knowing the sacred worth of an individual is unchangeable, we deny any false notion that value is lost in years. Aging is not a liability, but a liberty deserving recognition, respect and resources.

We celebrate the wisdom that comes with each trip around the sun.  With gratitude, we honor and enrich generations that precede us, our own, and those to come.

2020 Vision:

To create a life filled with love, respect and honor for our elders acknowledging the contributions and value they contribute to society.  

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